Cleaning Tips: Getting Your Garage Ready for Your New Floor

So you’ve been thinking about making a change? Updating your garage or storage shed? You have seen some awesome photos of epoxy floors and stained concrete and you are now certain that you want to bring that look into your home. However, there is just one thing standing in your way -- all the useless stuff you’ve been storing in your garage.

Clear the clutter

Chances are, if you are a human and own a garage you are storing some miscellaneous items or boxes of items there. Out of sight out of mind right? You don’t mind parking in the driveway. But, now that it’s time to get ready to revamp your garage floor it may be time to admit your stored clutter is a bit of a nuisance. Now is the perfect time to empty, clean, and organize your garage to help you get ready for your brand new floor. While this can sound like a daunting task, we are here to help you through it!

For starters. Empty your garage.

Deep breath. You can this! First, remove each item from the garage and put it on the lawn or driveway. While removing these items make three separate piles: a keep, a toss, and a recycle/donate.

How do you decide what to keep? After all, you didn’t accumulate all these things by being discerning. First, ask yourself; “Is this item in the garage for a reason, or because I didn’t know what to do with it?” If it’s the latter, now is the time to either find a use for it or get rid of it.

Items you’ve used more than once in the past year are usually safe to stay if they work! It’s time to get rid of all those gadgets and things you’ve been “meaning to fix.”

Now that you have gone through items and sorted your piles, what do you do with the items you have decided to part ways with, but are still in good shape? You can have a garage sale and make a few extra dollars or if you don’t want to worry about the hassle of early morning weekend hagglers you can donate items to a local Goodwill or other charitable location.

Locally, the Sheriffs Ranches Enterprises Thrift Stores will come and pick up gently used items including clothes, furniture, vehicles, electronics, etc. They offer to pick up and no cost and the sale of your goods go to benefit the young men and women at the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches.

For pick up in Suwannee, Columbia, Hamilton, Madison and Lafayette call (386) 364-7700, or go online to schedule your pick-up at

Now, what about your keep pile? If you don’t have shelving or cabinets, think about investing in a new organizational system of shelves, cabinets, drawers, or containers. These can be quite affordable.

You can either use your weekend to be productive or not, but either way, the time is going to pass; at least this way before you know it, you can park back in your garage and you are ready for your new floor!

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